Facilitating business between
Australia and Japan


Kokusai Business Advisory (KBA) was established by its members because they each have a long and enduring commitment to facilitate the success of the Australia-Japan business relationship.

KBA is unique among consultants because of this fundamental motive and the combined experience and diverse expertise of its members.

By engaging KBA your business will benefit from our unequalled depth of experience which enables us to help you identify and successfully deal with both apparent and unseen challenges in the ever-changing business environment.

Our joint expertise equips us to advise and support you in matters critical to your long-term business success including: effective cross-cultural communication; understanding government and government policy: navigating differing business practices; and optimizing human capital management.

If you are:

  • A Japanese company doing business in Australia or wishing to do business in or with Australia;
  • An Australian company doing business in Japan or wishing to do business in or with Japan;
  • A joint venture between an Australian and a Japanese company;
  • An Australian company wholly or partially owned by a Japanese company; or
  • A Japanese company wholly or partially owned by an Australian company.

KBA will be your trusted confidential advisor committed to your sustainable long-term business success, while at the same time ensuring that short-term opportunities and risks do not go unnoticed.

KBA will assist you, where appropriate and relevant, to:

  • identify and build relationships with key people in the Australian and/or Japanese business and public policy communities;
  • strengthen the relationship with your Australian or Japanese business partner(s);
  • strengthen your corporate governance to ensure that you can appropriately exert influence commensurate with your monetary and non-monetary investment;
  • identify and facilitate new business opportunities and competitive risks;
  • identify and mitigate other business risks (eg regulatory, compliance, operational, reputation, culture/conduct etc);
  • identify and build recognition and relationships within key industries;
  • hire, retain and fully engage the right mix of expatriate and local staff;
  • successfully integrate Australian and Japanese business cultures; and
  • continually refine your market entry and on-going strategy.

Specific services offered by KBA in addition to a general advisory role include:

  • An review of your governance arrangements to see where you can improve your influence over all relevant aspects of your subsidiary or joint venture;
  • A review of your remuneration structure to see where you can improve the alignment between your local and expatriate staff and create appropriate incentives for all employees to support group objectives;
  • A review of your Australian business strategy including key stakeholder engagement.

Establishing an advisory board is an efficient way to gain local knowledge and build local networks. KBA can act as advisory board to Japanese companies operating in Australia or Australian companies operating in Japan. By engaging KBA as an advisory board, effectively you will have a board comprising all the Principals of KBA for the price of one.

When you engage KBA you can choose to work with a nominated member or members, however, regardless of how you choose to work with us, you will enjoy the benefits of access to the entire team at no additional cost. To preserve confidentiality, we will agree not to work for your designated competitors. Fees will be tailored to reflect the services required.